• Multi Purpose Degreaser

Red colour. Water based with a rich blend of caustic, solvents & surfactants for tough areas & heavy grease build-ups in kitchen areas. (5 Litre)
- Non-flammable solvent caustic cleaner. 
- In-plant cleaning. 
- Platform maintenance. 
- Cuts through grease. 
- PH 1% Solution = 11.5 – 12.0 
Multi Purpose Industrial Cleaner is a non flammable solvent fluorescent pink liquid, suitable for Inplant cleaning, platform maintenance, floor maintenance in factories, garages, kitchens and toilet areas. 
Being highly alkaline, as it contains “sodium hydroxide”, Multi Purpose Degreaser removes grease, oil, dirt and other stains from various surfaces, e.g. ovens, hot plates, stainless steel etc. 

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Multi Purpose Degreaser

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Multi Purpose Degreaser

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