• Spray N Wipe

Fluorescent yellow, non-ammoniated all purpose cleaner. Excellent degreaser for application on all types of surfaces in kitchens.( 5 Litre)
- LF- Low Phosphate. 
- Biodegradable Surfactants. 
- Pleasant Lemon Fragrance. 
- Removes tough grease. 
- Cleans without rinsing. 
Spray & Wipe is an orange thin liquid with a fresh lemon fragrance. Spray & Wipe is formulated specifically to work at penetrating, removing and suspending difficult soils and stains, quick and easy. 
Spray & Wipe may be used in kitchens, offices, healthcare, institutions, schools, commercial buildings, industrial and many other areas. Spray & Wipe is safe to use on most surfaces including walls, bench tops, doors, stovetops, microwaves, fridges, chrome appliances, sinks, vinyl, tiles and shower screens. 

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Spray N Wipe

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Spray N Wipe

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