Ice Cream & Gelato Fridges

Displaying desserts to your customers makes it more tempting – the better you display, the more you can subtly get them to try out those concoctions. A display case is available for that purpose, which is a low temperature cabinet for the perfect preservation and display for ice cream cakes, frozen desserts, gelatos and single portion treats.

The stylish and elegant display cases make it perfect for any environment, while the cold air refrigeration system ensures uniform temperature distribution throughout the cabinet. These cases are constructed with tempered glass shelves for all round viability, while having tempered glass front, top and side panels with heater system to prevent condensation build up. Bright LED lighting ensures customers can see the mouth-watering items you offer.

A version of this cabinet can be bought, where you can have it set to two temperatures simultaneously. Gelato and ice cream are typically served at different temperatures you could in-fact sell both, with both being kept perfectly at the right temperature.

Gelato & Ice Cream Display